Speedwerx Heavy Duty Steering Box Bushing for Wildcat XX

$ 49.95


For 2018 & 2019 Wildcat XX

This bushing is designed to eliminate one of the few potential weak spots on the XX. The factory steering rack is supported only on the right side of the housing, so this bushing is designed to go in the left side of the housing to keep it supported at both ends and possibly saving you from an expensive part failure on the trail or the track (the rack and pinion assembly retails for $369.95). Installation is easy with the rack and pinion still on the machine- just remove the boot clamps on the left side and slide it out of the way so you can unscrew the inner tie rod end, then slip the bushing over the end of the rack and tap it into place. Then reattach the inner tie rod, secure the boot, and you're done!

NOTE: Due to changes in the rack and pinion on the 2019 models, a different size bushing is required so you must select the year of your machine when purchasing.

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