Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail Rear Fender Conversion Kit

MSRP: $ 107.90
$ 100.00

SKU 4406-529 / 4406-528
Wildcat Trail to Sport Fenders - *Matte Black (Painted) shown*


Do you have wheel spacers, larger tires or offset wheels on your Wildcat Trail?  If so you know all about the extra mud that they deliver into your lap.   With this kit you get everything you need to upgrade your Wildcat Trail fenders to the much wider Wildcat Sport fenders, front or rear.
Front kits include both front fenders as well as the inner fenders (necessary to properly close-off the firewall) and are available in several colors.   Rear kits include both rear fenders.   Hardware is reused from your Trail and installation is very easy.   Rear kits are currently only available in black (basic molded black or painted Matte black).
Due to the fact that all Wildcat Sports have black rear fenders not all colors are available front to rear.     Fenders noted as "Painted" are from the Sport XT and Limited models and include an automotive quality painted finish.
These fender kits not only provide excellent protection and coverage, they really make your Wildcat Trail look amazing. Arctic Cat Fender Flare kit (2436-003 & 2436-004) will NOT work with these Wildcat Sport fenders.


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