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KRX 1000 , Kraftwerks Supercharger testing

KRX 1000 , Kraftwerks Supercharger testing - AWESOMEOFFROAD.COM

Josh Faucher |

When we decided to try a power adder on our KRX we found a few options. After talking to the folks at Kraftwerks we decided to give their kit a shot. It arrived just a few days later in one well packaged box. We were impressed by its completeness, down to the zipties.  The install went smooth, the directions were more up to date online than what came printed in our kit. All together the install took about 6.5 hrs .... right smack in the middle of their estimate. I imagine the next install will go even quicker. The only thing of note that was not clear was the oil capacity. We ended up having to pull some back out, not a big deal. Once the install was done we only needed a quick tune installed via our Dynojet PV3. It fired up on the first crank and hasn't missed a beat. We fully expected the KRX to need clutch tuning immediately. To our surprise the factory clutch tuning works well. We are sure that there is room for improvement, we will be doing more testing. 

We have made no other modifications to the KRX...yet.

On the testing day we took a couple other machines with us to benchmark the results. A Honda Talon, RZR Turbo and a stock KRX 1000. We were a little limited on space so for comparison we'll discuss 0-30 times and roughly 1/8th mile. All the runs were on relatively loose dirt. These were not super scientific but as real world as we could get. 

The stock KRX managed a 0-30 in 3.38 sec. the Talon pulled down a 2.47. We rode the Turbo next, it laid down a 2.38 and the Kraftwerks KRX put in a blistering 2.32 sec. We were shocked by these results. Not because the KRX wasn't impressive.... but rather the way it delivered the power didn't feel as violent as the RZR. It did it in a smooth steady grunt , as opposed to smacking you in the back. NONE of the machines we brought could keep up with the Kraftwerks KRX. It not only made great power, but it put it down! 

Some items of note.... the RZR had some minor modifications such as an exhaust and tune. It also had tires that were less than new. 

The power delivery is what impressed us the most. It was smooth and linear. The LOW power mode still works. We cant wait to get it out on some rocks and see how it does. We expect it to be flawless! 

We intended to continue testing and modifying the KRX. First will be exhaust and a higher flowing air filter. Along with a Dynojet clutch kit that we hope will give us even more out of this kit! 


Stay Tuned for more!