Speedwerx Stage 2 Exterminator Kit for Wildcat XX

MSRP: $ 2,519.79
$ 2,267.00


For 2018-19 Wildcat XX - 0-3000' elevation - 30"-31" Tires

Speedwerx Stage 2 Exterminator Kit

Our Exterminator Kits are designed to offer you the biggest bang for your buck! What we do is put together a group of components that we have found to work the best on each and every machine to get the best performance at a reasonable cost. The Stage 2 Exterminator Kit for the 2018 Wildcat XX comes with our Speedwerx L2 Series Stainless Steel Slip-On Exhaust, Stainless Steel Exhaust Header, Hypershift Clutch Kit, High Flow Air Intake, and a Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel Controller. You can also select the optional Q6 Stainless Steel muffler is you want a quieter, maintainance free muffler.

The Textron Off Road Wildcat XX’s are starting to show up at dealers around the country, and naturally everyone is wanting to know more about Speedwerx performance upgrades as the machines filter out into the hands of the consumer. We’ve been working on a number of bolt-on parts and dyno testing many different configurations over the past few weeks, and we were pleasantly surprised to see the XX pull 130hp for a stock baseline number, 5hp more than the factory rating. Even better yet, our Stage 2 Exterminator Kit delivered 142hp with power and torque increases over the whole RPM range. Take note of the huge gains at the lower RPM range as well, 12-18hp more over a 1000rpm+ spread, that translates into more grunt down low to get you out of the hole quicker- it’s really noticeable just by the seat of your pants when you mash the pedal. All testing was done with 87 octane fuel, so you can save a few bucks at the pump too.

Spring still hasn’t sprung yet here in Minnesota, so we’ll be heading south soon to test clutch setups to get all the power to the ground and to tweak the fuel maps in warmer air so everything is dialed in and ready before we put them in your hands. The Stage 2 Exterminator Kit pricing is tentatively set to start at $2389.95- part specs and prices are still to be finalized, but we don’t anticipate any major changes will be needed and parts should be ready to ship sometime in May. Stay tuned for more info and new product announcements as the R&D process continues...

- Speedwerx L2 Stainless Steel Slip-On Muffler- The L2 (Light n' Loud) Series Stainless Steel Slip-On Exhaust is designed to increase power, add acceleration and throttle response, lose weight and give your machine a new deeper, throatier sound. With this exhaust, you are also eliminating the catalytic converter that is inside the OEM muffler- that means more air flow for better performance, and less heat retention for cooler engine compartment temps. You also shed a total of 14.6lbs with this exhaust on the XX.

These mufflers have a polished stainless steel shell with a welded inlet end cap, and a steel core with packing material and a built-in spark arrestor. They are 100% rebuildable with all inner parts being removable. They come standard with a stainless steel turn down outlet.

- Speedwerx Stainless Steel Exhaust Header- Our header features CNC machined flanges, stepped diameter equal length primary tubes, and 3-into-1 merge collector to maximize overall power and performance. All joints are hand-prepped and sand rolled prior to the purge TIG welding process, so you get great looking welds and the smoothest surface possible inside of the tubes- just like our race car headers that have won hundreds of races across the country.

- Speedwerx Hypershift Clutch Kit- The Hypershift Clutch Kit includes our Machined Weights with an Adjustment Kit, Primary and Secondary Springs, a Custom Cut Helix, and Nylon Washers for the springs to prevent binding. These kits are designed and rigorously tested by the staff at Speedwerx to insure that it will increase your machine’s acceleration, backshift and all-around performance.

- Speedwerx High Flow Air Intake- This High Flow Air Intake offers better filtration and more flow with a larger filter than the stock setup. It bolts right into the stock location with no fabrication required.

- Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel Controller- The PCV allows us to maximize performance by tuning the fuel injection parameters to eliminate any rich or lean spots in the fuel mapping when changing the exhaust and intake. Our custom tuned map ensures maximum trouble free power using 87 Octane pump fuel. It's also easily user-tunable, so if you decide you want to upgrade other components down the road all you have to do is upload a new map in the PCV and you'll be ready to roll.




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