Speedwerx PTO Output Shaft for Wildcat XX

$ 299.95


For 2018-19 Wildcat XX

We have found that a vast majority of the cab noise if coming from the clutch area.  The primary source of the excess noise has been traced down to crankshaft PTO output shaft. This is a bolt-on part with internal splines that mate to external splines on the crankshaft, and the stock shaft has excessive tolerances that cause extra noise, vibration, and harmonics.  Our output shaft is a higher quality part built with tighter tolerances to cut down on the noise, and it reduces the vibrations and harmonics that lead to clutch button fatigue and failure.  

- Sound level reduction at shoulder level in the cab with the Speedwerx PTO shaft- 

1500 RPM:  -4dB or 37% reduction

2500 RPM:  -5dB or 44% reduction

4500 RPM:  -1dB or 11% reduction (wind noise has an effect on the dB meter at this speed)