Speedwerx L2 Series Stainless Steel Slip-On Exhaust for Wildcat Trail & Sport

MSRP: $ 429.95
$ 365.45


For 2014-2018 Wildcat Trail - 2015 & 2018 Wildcat Sport

Speedwerx L2 Series Stainless Steel Slip-On Exhaust

5.5 lbs lighter than stock!  This L2 (Light n' Loud) Series Stainless Steel Slip-On Exhaust is designed to increase power, add acceleration and throttle response, lose weight, and give your machine a new deeper, throatier sound. With this exhaust, you are also eliminating the catalytic converter that is inside the OEM muffler- that means more air flow for better performance, and less heat retention for cooler engine compartment temps.

These mufflers have a polished stainless steel shell with a welded inlet end cap, and a steel core with packing material and a built-in spark arrestor. They are 100% rebuildable with all inner parts being removable. They come standard with a polished finish aluminum end cap, but you can also choose an anodized aluminum end cap in black, red, blue, gold, or green or a stainless steel turn down at no extra charge.

This muffler adds 5hp and sheds some weight as well- the stock muffler weighs in at 11lbs, and the L2 comes in at half that at just 5.5lbs! No EFI changes are required with our slip-on exhausts, but a Power Commander Fuel Controller will allow you to tune your machine for optimum performance.


The dyno sheet shows a stock 14-15 Trail/Sport with only a K&N drop-in filter vs. the same with our Q6 Stainless Steel and L2 Aluminum Body Slip-On Mufflers paired with the new Dynojet Power Commander V Fuel and Ignition Controller. The Slip-Ons and PCV combo showed nice gains through the entire powerband, with the L2 at +5 hp and the Q6 at +4.5 hp over stock. As you can see, the Q6 runs nearly identical to the L2, which is pretty impressive for a muffler that is only 3-5db above stock- that should make it a great option for anyone that wants a quiet, good looking, maintenance free exhaust! The L2 is the choice for those that want a more agressive race sound and the lightest weight possible. For even more power, take a look at our new Exhaust Header that's based off the 2016 Sport with the larger muffler inlet- you can bolt on an impressive 9.5-10hp over stock on 14-16 Trail and 15 Sport models with our Header/Slip-On/PCV combo!