Speedwerx Clutch Intake Kit for Wildcat XX

$ 179.95


For 2018-19 Wildcat XX


The stock plastic clutch housing air inlet tubes act like megaphones and the noise from the clutch area echoes up the tubes and exits right behind the cab. Out new clutch intake kit has stainless steel braided, high-temp resistant rubber hoses that helps absorb the noise, and we re-route them in a manner than moves the inlets far away from the cab of the machine. Includes hoses, tube adapter, clamps, and water resistant pre-filters. 


- Sound level reduction at shoulder level in the cab with the Clutch Intake Kit and stock PTO shaft- 

1500 RPM: -2dB or 21% reduction

2500 RPM: -4dB or 37% reduction

4500 RPM: -2dB or 21% reduction (wind noise has an effect on the dB meter at this speed)


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