Push/MLS Turbo Kit for Wildcat Sport

$ 3,595.00

You've heard the rumors...The MLS/Push Turbo, Turbo kit for Wildcat Sport is here!
Getting sick of struggling to keep up with your buddies in their 1000cc machines?   Not anymore!    The base kit, is non-intercooled, super easy to install with basic tools and runs on pump gas.   It has great trail manners and, minimal lag and will still eat up any stock, non-turbo UTV in existence.    Even more power is available to you with race fuel.
If that's not enough for you, check out the intercooled version.   Intercooling reduces intake temps, enabling much higher levels of boost for insane performance gains.     Ever see the look on the face of a RZR XP1000 Turbo owner when you pass him at WOT in your 700cc Sport?    It is a unique and rewarding experience lol. 
Both kits include Donaldson intake filtration system, the Turbo, all necessary electronics (Pre-Tuned) all plumbing, exhaust and hardware necessary for the installation.   Turbo Charging isn't for everyone, it requires some basic skills, the ability to tune a clutch (we can help) etc.  But if you have what it takes, this kit will knock your socks off.    We can even install and tune it for you.   Call us for installation/clutch tuning quotes.
*Fits Wildcat Sport only*
Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Each turbo kit is custom built.

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