Polaris Midsize Folding Front Windshield

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SKU 693-6508-00

Front Folding Windshield for your Midsized Ranger.Front Folding Windshield Fits Polaris Midsized Rangers 400, 500, 570, 800 and EV(electric vehicle) models. Bad Dawgs Polaris Midsize front folding windshield is made from polycarbonate material and is 1/4" thick, Comes with all hardware needed to make installation very simple. Has a clear strip where windshield fold to allow great visability. Unlike most of our competitors they use a metal strip that tend to rust.

1/4" Thick MR-10 Hard Coated Polycarbonate - will not break like acrylic.

Optically clear and UV Resistant from yellowing.


2010-2014 Mid-Size Ranger 400

2011-2013 Mid-Size Ranger 500 & 500 Mid-Size Crew

2014 Mid-Size Ranger 570 & 570 Mid-Size Crew

2013-14 Mid-Size Ranger 800