Speedwerx Hypershift H5 Secondary Clutch Spring for Wildcat Trail & Sport

$ 39.95


For 2014-2018 Wildcat Trail and 2015 Wildcat Sport (2016-2018 Sport has different clutch calibration)
Our Hypershift H5 Alloy Secondary Clutch Spring is one of the most valuable products available when it comes to enhancing the performance of your Wildcat Trail or Sport. Our clutch spring was designed and rigorously tested by the staff at Speedwerx to insure that it will increase your machine’s acceleration, backshift and all around performance. This clutch spring works on stock machines, piped or slightly modified machines, stock machines with oversized tires, piped or slightly modified machines with oversized tires and for higher elevations as well. 

Everyone wants to know why we offer the new H5 Alloy springs. The truth is there are several reasons why, but the main reason was to try and cut down on the price of titanium that has sky-rocketed in the past few years. We want to provide our customers with a high performance part but we also want it to be priced reasonably low.

These new springs feature the following;
• Speedwerx H5 Springs are available for clutch, suspension, and valvetrain applications.
• This new material has a 30,000 to 40,000 PSI higher tensile strength than standard chrome silicon wire springs.
• We have been testing and running these springs since 2008.
• No rate loss over time which maintains efficient clutching for a better performing and more consistent spring!
• Same performance as titanium at a fraction of the cost!

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