Kawasaki Wicked Bilt Electra-Steer Power Steering Kits

MSRP: $ 849.00
Our Price: $ 746.10

SKU 8051530
The Wicked Bilt Electra-Steer power steering kit is a bolt on system that significantly reduces steering effort and diminishes steering wheel jerk caused by uneven terrain. This is a torque-sensing unit that increases assistance as torque or resistance increases at the wheels. Unit mounts under the dash.
  • Electric Motor
  • Power Control Module
  • Shaft Assembly
  • Wiring
In 2007, UTV vehicles featured four-wheel drive with manual steering, and in some cases, front differential lock. So unless you had arms like California’s governor, simply blasting around the field would cause arm pump fatigue.
That’s when Unisteer Performance Products decided ‘wicked’ vehicles deserved ‘wicked’ parts that would meet the demands of UTV enthusiasts and racers.
Unisteer Performance Products is a leader in providing the most modern steering systems. Our Electra-Steer kits are complete including everything you'll need to transform your clunky old steering into a well-engineered state-of-the-art steering system—improving handling, steering effort, and responsiveness.
And most important, Unisteer Performance Products kits are true bolt-on units and backed by an industry leading 3 year warranty unlike most of it's wanna be competitors that offer a 1 year only warranty. That's exactly what happens when you produce a performance accessory such as this right here in the United States....

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