East Coast 4D Flood Light Bars by AWESOMEOFFROAD

MSRP: $ 188.99
$ 89.99

AVAILABLE IN 20" & 40" lengths

Cage/Bar Clamps sold separately here.

Wiring Harness sold separately here.

Wiring harness is NOT included. This sale includes the light, pigtail and mounting brackets as shown.



Most light bars on the market today are some sort of "combo" lighting pattern, meaning you get a combination of flood and spot lights. Our standard light bars are that way too and they work great in the wide open terrain that they were designed for. Here's the rub. East of the Mississippi (and many other places) we have three things that make these light bars much less effective, trees, turns and hills.  Most of the time those crazy bright center lights focus your vision on a small patch of super bright light, dead ahead while making things in your peripheral vision virtually invisible. This "wash out" makes it hard to tell that you even have flood lighting on the machine when you are in the woods. That's why we designed the AWESOMEOFFROAD.COM "East Coast" series light bars. These bars are not a combo pattern. They are not a spot pattern. They are not a flood pattern. They are like turning on the sun in the 180 degree area in front of your machine.  No wash out, no crazy bright spot, just incredible lighting everywhere you need it.
At AWESOMEOFFROAD.COM we are riders and like you, we love LED light bars. Their output vs amp draw is ummatched in offroad lighting.  We decided there had to be a better option than what is currently out there, so we just came up with our own.   We are very proud of these lights and we think you will love them too.   They are backed by the AWESOMEOFFROAD.COM guarantee:  If our light does not live up to your expectations, for any reason*, within the first year, simply send it back and we will replace it or give you a refund.  Period.  

Product Description:

. Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
. Waterproof rate: IP 67
. LED's with high intensity Osram LEDs
. Diecast aluminum housing
. Lens material: Poly Carbonate
. Mounting Bracket: Included (as pictured)
. Dimensions: 20", 30" or 40"


*physical damage due to impact excepted



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