Commander 1000 Outlaw DHT Axle

MSRP: $ 314.95
$ 309.99


High Lifter Products cranked up the heat with the release of the Outlaw Dual Heat Treated (DHT) Axle. The Outlaw DHT Axle exceeds OEM standards and has stand-out features not found in other after-market competitor axles such as puncture resistant boots crafted from premium-grade TPE (Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer). As the newest product under the Outlaw brand from High Lifter, the Outlaw DHT Axle is a reliable choice at an affordable price point for off-road riders.

In addition to the dual heat treatment process, the Outlaw DHT Axles feature puncture-resistant boots crafted from premium-grade Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer (TPE). This material is superior to rubber boots found in after-market competitors as it provides protection from fatigue and wear and remains durable in high and low temperate climates.

High Lifter provides the Outlaw DHT Axles a one-year warranty! Fill out your warranty card and send it back in for a FREE T-shirt while supplies last.

Product Features

Dual heat treatments on the cages and housings to improve toughness against shock loads without compromising bearing surfaces and long term life.

Oversized CV joint housings to increase strength

Housings, cages, and bars made from 4340 Chromoly steel.

Puncture-resistant boots which are durable in high and low temperature climates.

Low-profile boot bands less likely to be knocked off during riding.

Axle components filled with Mobil 1 synthetic grease, keeping axle joints cooler.

Fits Commander 800: STD, DPS, XT (11-15; Rear Only)
          Commander 1000: STD, DPS, X, XT, XT-P, LTD (11-15; Rear Only)
          Commander 1000 MAX XT, DPS (14-15; Rear Only)

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