2-Inch Harness & Harness Bar Package

$ 405.00

SKU 7777-046 + SB4.2O x2

This package deal gives you the opportunity to save when purchasing a harness bar and harnesses for your machine.  Comes with the Dragonfire harness bar and your choice of two  2" PRP harnesses in a variety of colors.  Also, you have the option of whether to include our Seatbelt Override dongle which is ONLY available for purchase in conjunction with harnesses (not applicable to models 2016 and under).  The Seatbelt Override is not available for individual purchase.


2017 Arctic Cat vehicles come standard with a seat belt light that illuminates when the seat belt is not buckled.  When the seat belt light is on, the machine is governed and will not perform at its best.  If you install harnesses in your vehicle you will never be able to shut off the seat belt light.  That is where our light override dongle comes in. It plugs in and completes the circuit so the light will turn off and your machine will perform at its best.  

Fits 2017+ Wildcat Trail & Sport 

2018+ Wildcat X/1000

2018 Wildcat XX

(not applicable to models 2016 and under)


Properly installed harnesses greatly improve the enjoyment of all recreational rides by allowing everyone in the vehicle to focus on their surroundings, instead of holding themselves upright. DragonFire takes pride in designing a harness bar optimized for maximum comfort and security so you can pay attention to the things that matter most, the adventure at hand.


  • Easy install
  • Designed for proper install of 4 or 5 point harnesses
  • Made in USA


Genuine Arctic Cat OEM Parts.

  • Designed to fasten the shoulder straps at the correct angle and distance below the shoulders allowing for proper positioning
  • Unobtrusive and low-profile design allows the harness bar to flow seamlessly with the lines of the Wildcat's OE configuration
  • CNC-milled six-bolt cage shell clamps allow for easy mounting and installation


The 2”, 4 point harness provides great comfort and safety for off-road vehicles. The 4.2 harness has sewn in shoulder pads that stop chaffing on the neck and add extra comfort, especially on long rides. Includes all black hardware for cool styling, and EZ adjusters on the shoulders. The EZ adjusters allow you to adjust your shoulder straps quickly, even if they are dirty or muddy. The 4.2 features an automotive style latch on the lap belt, which provides a quick and easy release that anyone can use.


Proper installation and consistent use of restraint system is critical to your safety in event of accident.  To reduce risk of serious injury or death:

  • Follow vehicle manufacturers, and PRP Seats instructions and safety messages during installation and use of this product.
  • Use all belts provided. Secure lap belt first; low and snug across hips. Sternum strap tight at chest line (min. 4” below neck). Adjust remaining straps per instructions and confirm fitment restrains user & provides safe clearance from wheel, dash, roll cage, etc.
  • Inspect all components of restraint system regularly & replace as indicated by accident, wear or abrasion. Replace no later than 2 years from date on SFI tag. 
  • This competition restraint system intended for UTV or other off-road vehicle-not replacement for FMVSS 209 restraints. Never use with child car seats or boosters.